Bellroy X Patty Mills

Bellroy se llena de emoción de colaborar con Patty Mills, jugador de la NBA, medallista olímpico e indígena australiano con mucho orgullo. Nos unimos para celebrar a los pueblos indígenas de Australia a través de productos con los que Patty viaja por aire, mar y tierra.

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Bellroy · Bellroy × Patty Mills

The opportunity to create a collection of products that allow you to travel more efficiently, is a fun way to share our stories. Being able to join the artworks together is one of the coolest stories that we're all gonna be able to tell for years to come. And you can imagine these pieces going around the world, and to many different people across cultures.

Patty Mills

"Our turtle and wamer bird love to travel wherever the current and winds may take them. The blue coloured waters represents us Torres Strait Islanders, people of the sea."

Moana Ahwang of the Wagadagam people, Mabuyag Island, Torres Strait.

"Los "lugares de encuentro" representan la conexión que las personas de las Primeras Naciones tienen con diferentes familias y comunidades. Los boomerangs son tradiciones familiares y representan la importancia del movimiento a través del cielo."

Shane Cook of the Wulli Wulli people and Guwa (Koa) people.

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