Head of People and Culture


Bellroy’s mission is to inspire better ways to carry; use business as a force for good; and help the world – and our crew – flourish. Our Head of People and Culture is vital to helping us meet that mission. You will be responsible for helping our crew flourish – leading the recruitment, development and support of our people. We’re fast growing, so you’ll have plenty of onboarding to oversee. And we’re fast changing, so you’ll have new policies and procedures to nut out. And for our crew, you’ll pay attention to the areas of motivation, wellbeing, and behaviour change.

You’ll oversee the organisation of our regular events, and surprise us with ones we hadn’t thought of. From the annual conference to Friday drinks, you’ll shape get-togethers that we’ll remember, that are on the button for Bellroy. You’ll help us maintain the culture we’ve worked so hard to build – helping staff productively surface conflict rather than suppress it or explode it all over their peers; and you’ll help us continue to value evidence and skill over political power, as well as the many other cultural values we strive for.

Sound like the thing you want to be a part of? Then please read on...


You’re driven to help people be their best. You know that the combination of a big ambition and the right team to achieve it can make fabulous things happen. You have a solid amount of experience in helping people thrive in an organisation, and in particular in supporting great people working together to achieve a common goal. You’ve managed a team yourself and understand that checklists and procedures done right free people to innovate when it’s important, without binding them in red tape.

You can expertly and confidently guide the recruitment of our people.
You will oversee Bellroy’s recruitment process, with the excellent support of our internal recruiter. You know just how to identify gaps in our wonderfully diverse team and find the best routes to reach exceptional employees.

You are hell-keen on developing our people.
From design to digital, brand to product, finance to office management, you’ll spot the skills that need a helping hand and work with managers and staff to help them achieve their best.

You know just how to support a human towards being their best.
You are well-versed in systems and facilities that can support staff and create an environment that lets them shine. The Bellroy team is located in our Fitzroy and Bells Beach offices, in co-working spaces in LA and London, and a few others sprinkled remotely across the globe. You know how to facilitate and encourage connections across teams and locations, and make sure team members have a cohesive experience wherever they’re located.

You believe in our culture, and want to do everything you can to nurture it.
We choose to fill our business with ‘smart people with good intentions who get shit done’. Smart people is about working smart, not doing well on an IQ test. We’re interested in thinking about how we do things better, and we help each other by testing our ideas and checking our assumptions. Good intentions build trust and a long term desire to keep moving together in the same direction. We’re a great team, and more importantly, we have huge respect for each other. Getting shit done is the name of the game. We’re outcomes focused; at Bellroy we work to make people’s objectives clear and then we get out of the way and let people shine.

To your ears, that last paragraph sounds amazing and you want in.


  • Gathered feedback on last week’s training session, and implemented a process to measure the impact of that training
  • Collaborated with our CFO to set or tweak budgets for employee compensation
  • Given a member of the team some positive feedback on their approach to work, along with advice on how they might improve
  • Reviewed the mobile phone policy and communicated some changes to managers & staff
  • Worked with a manager on a growth plan for one of their staff, recommending some courses you researched that fit at the juncture of their personal development goals and Bellroy's needs
  • Talked through a draft job description with one of our directors then worked with the recruiting team to effectively steer the process in the direction of a successful hire
  • Ran a training session with new managers on how to run a performance review
  • Contacted ten hot prospects currently working for other companies
  • Shared a coffee with our office manager to catch up on an event you’re planning.


We make great products that delight people in their everyday lives. We help our staff love their work and grow as people. We believe in working to help make the world a better place. As a certified B Corp, we pursue better ways to source our leathers (for environmental impact and animal welfare), reduce our impact on the environment and make sure our products last as long as possible. We are constantly looking for better ways to do… well, everything.

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This role is full-time and based in our Fitzroy office.

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Head of People and Culture


Crear soluciones útiles para transportar objetos.
Usar la empresa como una fuerza positiva.
Ayudar a que el mundo y nuestro equipo prosperen.


Our Spaces

'Bellroy' is a fusion of our two homes – Bells Beach and Fitzroy. Bells Beach brings a relaxed, outdoor vibe to balance Fitzroy's creative, urban style. The city and the sea; inspiration and adventure. Together they provide a perfect balance.

Bells Beach

Our beach HQ sits behind giant sandstone cliffs that overlook one of Australia’s best-known surfing coastlines. It’s where our Product Designers experiment in the Maker Lab, and our Sales team consume awesome amounts of espresso and Skype bandwidth. Things are more tranquil here than our Fitzroy neighbours and we like the focus that can create. There’s a cafe right next door if you need a quick bite and our 11am surf check always provides the perfect chance to reset the mind with some salt air.


Our Fitzroy space is immersed in the middle of Melbourne’s creative hub. It’s where our Creative, Marketing, Engineering and Operations teams develop campaigns and ensure each Bellroy is sent safely across the world. Walk out the door and you’ll find streets bursting with energy (and the best ramen joint this side of Tokyo). There’s also an olympic-size pool just around the corner for those in need of a lunchtime refresh.


Outside of our two main headquarters we have a team that works remotely - from Western Australia to parts of Asia, the USA and Europe. Being global is at the heart of Bellroy, it keeps us connected, and makes sure we see life from many different perspectives. If you have an internet connection and the flexibility to become part of a team you don’t see everyday, you might consider joining our growing global network.

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Our Team

It takes a diverse crew to make Bellroy tick. We’re a collection of thinkers and makers, coming from over 25 different countries (and counting). Everyone has a unique set of skills, which all blend to achieve a clear vision – Inspire better ways to carry; use business as a force for good; help the world, and our crew, flourish.

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