Technical Marketing Lead


You’re analytical and driven to fix the things and the systems around you. As our Technical Marketing Lead, you will join our digital marketing team to collaborate on projects that require marketing data analysis, experimentation and technical problem solving. You will be supported by our data & tech teams whilst learning how to maintain some of the most complex parts of our digital marketing machine. If you bring your curiosity and critical thinking, we’ll bring our world class team and an environment in which you have the freedom, resources and support to make a difference.


You have a background in data or tech and love the idea of exploring its application in a marketing field, or perhaps you’re a couple of years into a marketing career and want to bring your hobbyist tech skills into the limelight.

You’re excited by the idea of joining a team of passionate marketing professionals who are like-minded in their drive for continual learning and growth, and who embrace the idea of the new and untried. As a natural team player, you are ready to lean into your collaboration skills and act as an interface between the digital marketing team and the tech and data sides of the business.

You love getting into the nitty gritty to give us a better idea of what’s working and what isn’t in our digital marketing program. When something isn’t working, you take an active interest in figuring out why and then tinkering with the parts to make it better – ensuring you follow it through to the very end with focus and precision.


  • Discussed the performance of our most recent campaign with our Performance Marketer, then dived into our tracking to turn the numbers in the reports into a coherent picture of how our audiences were responding to the campaign
  • Rolled out some changes and optimisations to our search engine product data feeds, and worked with a member of our tech team on the parts of the implementation our systems don’t yet make easy
  • Worked with stakeholders from our digital marketing and data teams on a plan to expand our current Google Ads profit maximization experiment to all active paid channels
  • Owned our Google Analytics and digital marketing performance tracking systems on
  • Written new scripts to collate and analyse digital marketing data across key spreadsheets to improve team efficiency
  • Collaborated with our Advertising Campaign Manager to plan and execute a new advertising incrementality experiment
  • Discussed the best approach to measuring a new YouTube campaign test with one of our data analysts
  • Joined a team discussion theorising what factors could be influencing the performance of an A/A test that is currently live


  • 1-4 years experience in a technical or marketing role with a keen interest in digital marketing
  • Comfortable navigating a variety of reporting interfaces, including GA4, Google Ads, Meta Ads, Big Query and Looker
  • Some Javascript skills and an interest in learning more
  • Intermediate-Advanced Spreadsheets (familiarity with macros and how they can be used)
  • Ability to work with continuously evolving systems (and a proactive approach to learning how to make those systems better through automation)
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work with a team, you can happily stick your head into a spreadsheet or task list but you also know how to bounce ideas around and collaborate with others
  • The desire to work cross-functionally with our tech & data teams to optimise our processes and develop your skills further
  • High level of attention to detail and organisation
  • A natural problem solver with an analytical mind


Bellroy’s mission is to inspire better ways to carry; use business as a force for good; and help the world – and our crew – flourish. We make great carry products that delight people in their everyday lives, while constantly innovating to improve the sustainability of our materials. We donate a portion of our revenue to some of the world’s most effective charities and are a certified B Corporation. We have carefully built our culture on radical effectiveness. Our credo is "smart people with good intentions who get shit done" (yes, really). We help our staff love their work and grow as people. Internally, we’re proud of our workplace culture; externally, we’ve been recognised as Australia’s Best Place to Work 2021, in the "< 100 Employees" category.

Location and hours

This role is full-time and based in our Collingwood office with flexible work from home options.

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Technical Marketing Lead


Crear soluciones útiles para transportar objetos.
Usar la empresa como una fuerza positiva.
Ayudar a que el mundo y nuestro equipo prosperen.

Nuestras oficinas

'Bellroy' es una fusión de nuestras dos casa: Bells Beach y Fitzroy. Bells Beach es el toque relajado y natural que le brinda equilibrio al estilo creativo y urbano de Fitzroy. La ciudad y el mar, la inspiración y la aventura. Juntos logran el equilibrio ideal.

Bells Beach

Nuestra sede en la playa está ubicada detrás de un acantilado que preside una de las costas australianas favoritas de los amantes del surf. Aquí se encuentra el laboratorio de creación en el que experimentan los diseñadores de producto, y nuestro departamento de ventas consume incalculables cantidades de espresso y de banda ancha en Skype. La vida aquí es más tranquila que la de nuestros vecinos urbanos de Fitzroy, y apreciamos el ambiente de concentración que fomenta. Si quieres salir a picar algo, hay una cafetería justo al lado, y nuestro surf break de las 11 am nos ayuda a despejar la mente con la brisa marina.


Nuestra oficina en Fitzroy se encuentra sumergida en medio del hervidero creativo de Melbourne. Aquí es en donde nuestro equipo creativo, de marketing, informático y de operaciones desarrollan las campañas y se aseguran de que cada Bellroy le llegue correctamente a su destinatario. Nada más poner un pie fuera de la oficina te topas con calles llenas de vida (y el mejor ramen fuera de Tokio). También hay una piscina olímpica cerca para los que quieren darse un chapuzón a la hora de comer.

A distancia

Fuera de nuestras dos oficinas principales, tenemos a un equipo que trabaja a distancia, desde Australia occidental, Asia, Europa y EE. UU. El carácter global forma parte de la esencia de Bellroy, nos mantiene conectados, y nos permite entender la vida desde diferentes puntos de vista. Si dispones de acceso estable a internet, y de la disposición para formar parte de un equipo al que no verás cara a cara a diario, quizás te gustaría formar parte de nuestro equipo internacional en continuo crecimiento.

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Nuestro equipo

La autenticidad de Bellroy recae en la diversidad de su equipo. Somos una amalgama de pensadores y realizadores, provenientes de 25 países diferentes (y en aumento). Cada quien tiene su fuerte y al sumarlos, alcanzamos nuestros objetivos principales: crear soluciones útiles para transportar objetos, usar la empresa como una fuerza positiva y ayudar a que el mundo y nuestro equipo prosperen.

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